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Online store is a Cost-effective website software.It provide you to make your online store for your shop.
Introducing online store After years of hard development, we're excited to release this new version which adds features crucial to success in today's e-commerce market. While other carts talk about technology, we deliver an advanced platform built on ASP.NET, the most poweful, easy to use development platform available today instead of insecure, hard-to-maintain, archaic languages like ASP. And while other carts talk security, we've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in PCI PA-DSS compliance, and will continue to do so with this version Don't trust your business to aging platforms or freebie "hope it works" commerce applications. Energize your online sales by switching to the modern, professional, secure commerce platform.Online-Store have the ability to run multiple stores (websites) off a single shared SQL database.
Many businesses online put up multiple site/brands, testing different product prices, skin designs, layouts, multi-variant tests, or for different divisions/departments with a larger company. Online-Store fully supports this model. You can use this for grow up your business.


General Features:

  • Store management.
  • Provides complete web site solution, including shopping cart, content management, customer management etc...
  • Designed for Stores up to 50000 Products.
  • Shared Server,VPS Server,Dedicated Server.
  • Content/HTML (topic) 100 pages supported.
  • Installation Locales Supported to the World Wide.
  • Database Schema Included with this.
  • Databases Supported (MS SQL 2005,MS SQL 2008/(Express Versions Ok)).

Product Categorization Features:

  • Categories and Departments can also be fully nested to any level desired (e.g. sub-categories, sub-departments).
  • Supports cross-matrix of products by category and department. E.g. a product can be mapped to the shoe category, in the women's department.
  • Products can be mapped to more than one category or department.
  • Paged browsing for categories and sections: Keeps page size small, and optimizes user experience.
  • Category, Department, and Manufacturer "names" can be renamed (e.g. "Brochures", "Products", "Car Parts", whatever you need that is appropriate for your unique store site products).
  • Disable buy buttons for specific products

PayPal Features:

  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal (standard)

Shipping Features:

  • Calculate Shipping By Order Total.
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Weight.
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Weight & Zip code Zone.
  • Calculate Shipping By Order Total & Zip code Zone
  • Calculate Shipping By Fixed Item Shipping Costs (e.g. Shipping Cost By Product).
  • Calculate Shipping By Fixed Percent of Order Total.
  • Specify All Orders As Free Shipping.
  • Admin defined shipping methods (e.g. Ground, Next Day, 2nd Day, Priority, etc).
  • Filter Real Time Shipping Rates You Want To Allow.
  • Shipping Tracking #'s e-mailed to Customers.
  • Support for Download Products.
  • ShipWire Interface Supported.
Wish Features :

  • Customer Add To Wish List Supported (Persists over Customer Visits also)

Gift Registry Features:

  • Gift Registry Supported
  • Gift Registry Can Be Anonymous (gift registry owner name and address is hidden)
  • Gift Card Support (E-mail and Physical Gift Cards supported)

Search Engine Features :

  • EVERY product, category, and department page can have their own custom search engine meta tags (title, keywords, description, no script blocks, etc)...
  • Static Product & Category Pages: Designed to allow search engines to fully crawl and index EVERY product & category page in your store. This can have a dramatic increase in site traffic from search engines.
  • Fully dynamic page titles, and search engine meta-tags.

Wish Features :

  • Support for 3 images sizes: icon, medium, large.
  • Auto Image Resizing.
  • Supports multiple images per product (icon, medium, and large).
  • Automatic image watermarking for protection.
  • Donation Products (e.g. Customer Enters Price).
  • Restrict product quantities to preset values (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, ...).
  • Downloadable products supported, with automatic e-mail to customer with download instructions
  • Text options on products (e.g. require initials for monogrammed products, require text name for product customization, etc).
  • Support for sizes & colors. All color/size site "prompts" can be customized in admin site, so you could rename those two options to have completely different meaning.
  • Two Attributes Per Product (e.g. Size/Color).
  • Inventory By Attribute (e.g. Size/Color).
  • Price can vary by size/color option chosen.
  • Prices can vary by customer or customer level (group).
  • Sort products in any order desired.
  • Support for simple products (e.g. a book) or products with variants.
  • Support for sale prices.
  • Phone Order Entry Module.
  • Product Descriptions can include HTML formatting.
  • Support for Packs. A pack is a product with a fixed price that can hold up to N other arbitrary products.
  • Disable buy buttons by product.
  • Set Site to Wholesale Only (Prices not shown to general site customers).

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