Transport & Logistic Software is a software. With our Transport & Logistic software , we can help your logistics, trucking, supply chain, intermediary, or barge operations save time and money by automating dispatching, operations, and financial systems within your company.You can keep record of your customers and have quick and easy communication between you and your customers. It gives you the ability to receive orders electronically, leverage bar code scanning, electronic POD 's, inbuilt inventory module, optional financial management module

Transport & Logistic Software provides a number of solutions for courier bookings. These include receiving client bookings via data entry, client onsite systems or through web bookings over the internet.

Primary Benifits

  • By Transport & Logistic Software you can connect with all branches and admin can check the all branches.
  • You can manage the stationary like bilty book ,bilty book,challan book,here you can issue a book to a particular branch and you can see that which book is assign to which branch and from that book which number is used to deal with particular party
  • You can manage the data of your company accordling to the financial year


  • Income Reports
    • Daily Income Reports
    • Monthly Income Reports
    • Yearly Income Reports

  • General Data Reports
    • Transport & Logistic Software provides the convenient and efficient way to extract the data using reports.
    • Booking Summary - You can make report of booking the bases of consigner,consiging,booking number and the bases of source and destination.You can also get the information about the booking which are pending for bills.
    • Bill Summary - You can make the report of bill on bases of timeperiod,as well as on bases of party.
    • Account statement - You can make the report of account on bases of timeperiod,branch and party.
    • TDS Details - You can make the report of TDS on the bases of party,timeperiod,lorry number.
    • Tripsheet - You can make the report of tripsheet on the bases of lorry number,time period.
    • Expense Details - In expense report you can get all telephone expenses,rent expenses as well as on vehicle expenses.

Some Key Features & Technologies:

  • User-friendly Windows interface
  • Flexibility and Inter-convertibility
  • Interface to wide range of operating systems - Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

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